July 23, 2021

Ferrari Arno XI


Boatson.net – Ferrari is known as a manufacturer of luxury sports cars with sadistic performance. All cars produced by this Italian car manufacturer are guaranteed to have stunning performance. But not many people know beforehand, it turns out that the manufacturer bearing the Prancing Horse logo can also make vehicles other than cars.

They once built a ship. It all started in the 1980s, when they developed a water vehicle product that was able to match the performance of a sports car on land.

The high-speed ship, the Ferrari Arno XI, was auctioned and sold for Rp. 176 billion. The vehicle of high historical value is supported by a 4.5 liter V12 engine, which is claimed to produce a maximum speed of up to 242 km / h or the equivalent of 130 knots.

Historically, car manufacturers didn’t just produce four-wheeled vehicles. Before being known as a supercar maker, for example, Lamborghini was a manufacturer of tractors for agriculture, other manufacturers such as Rolls-Royce also provided aircraft engines. While Ferrari developed a means of transportation on water, one of its products was a high-speed ship, the Ferrari Arno XI 1952.

However, it should be noted, the engine is not the only amazing feature in this fast Ferrari boat. Apart from a powerful engine, the Ferrari Arno XI also relies on its aerodynamic design and material quality.

For example, the lower body part which is in direct contact with water, is made of hard wood and is painted with a veneer layer. While the upper body has been designed with a design inspired by the shape of a shark.

To perfect the ship, Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari, finished with the traditional red Ferrari, which was done right away by a skilled painter from the Scuderia F1 Department.

Upon completion, the Ferrari Arno XI easily won the title and set a new record with a top speed of 242 km / h. Achille Castoldi, the driver then sold the Ferrari Arno XI to develop another speedboat.

Arno XI was later bought and owned by Nando dell’Orto. Due to his increased weight, Arno XI had to compete in the 900 kilogram class and won second place in 1965. After that, the Ferrari Arno XI was retired. In recent years, the speedboat has been restored by the Ferrari Classiche division.

In 2012, the Ferrari Arno XI was successfully auctioned by RM Sotheby’s for more than USD 1 million. At that time the ship was reportedly sold by duPont Registry at an undisclosed price. However, the seller has revealed that the Ferrari Arno XI has a price tag of Rp. 176 billion.